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About Eternal Peace Funeral Services

Even in our darkest moments, a bright light shines to guide us home. 


Adeline Bui, a Vietnamese immigrant, came to America with her parents when she was 7 years old.  Her father taught her that in America, the land of opportunities, you could achieve your dreams and desires if you work hard and persevere.  Adeline carried that knowledge and listened to his advice throughout her life.  Her father was always her inspiration and she inherited much of his entrepreneurial spirit, collaborating on many businesses together.  

During the pandemic of 2020, her father experienced 2 strokes that ultimately took his life in late June of 2020.  In her darkest moment, a bright light shined.  Her beloved father's death was not an end of his life, but a beginning of his legacy that lives within Adeline and her children. 

While mourning his death, the experience of attempting to plan a funeral in the midst of a deadly pandemic came with many challenges. Most notably, being unable to come together with friends and family to celebrate his life. 

Eternal Peace Funeral Services was conceived during Adeline's darkest moment.  Her father's unexpected death shined the light on an opportunity to help other grieving families when faced with a loved one’s death.  She understands mourning a parent’s death and not being able to follow the Vietnamese traditions.  She noticed that all families have to make adjustments to their funeral arrangements because many funeral services in Austin are geared towards the average American.  Adeline is aware of potential complications that may occur during planning due to language and cultural barriers.  She had to make many adjustments for her father’s funeral not only due to these limitations, but also for what was important to her Vietnamese culture. 

She immediately realized that the Asian-American communities need a business that understands the importance of tradition when it comes to mourning a loved one.  Communication is crucial to ensure that all your wishes are met when planning one of the most important services of your life. 

She took her personal experience and ensure all the families she services are able to create a personal and one of a kind service for their loved one. 

Eternal Peace Funeral Services works with many ethnic groups as well as many families in the different communities to arrange a funeral that is geared towards the families or their loved one final wishes within the timeline they want.  We pride ourselves with experiences and understanding of different religions and nationalities.  These are just a few of the communities and religions we service: American, Asians, Muslim, Hispanic, African American, Indian, Hindu, Catholic, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Baha'i, Mormon, Jewish, Orthodox Christian.


At Eternal Peace Funeral Services, we have staffs to service many of the communities to help plan, prepare, and execute all your wishes and to be a light to help you navigate through your darkest moment. 

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