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**If you are donating towards a specific person's funeral, please type their name in the "Name" section.**

The loss of a loved one is never easy. No one is ever prepared to deal with an untimely death. As a parent, I could never imagine having to bury my children. I have witnessed babies and children dying to no fault of their own. There is no pain like having to bury your kin. Parents mourn their child and worry about the financial burden of funeral expenses because the thought of preparing for it never crossed their minds. - Adeline Bui

Eternal Peace Foundation was founded with one goal: to help parents with the funeral expenses of their child. We will review every application from parents who recently lost their children and are financially unable to pay for the funeral services. We provide assistance to help prepare for the funeral expenses of your children.

As a foundation that solely survived on donations from the community, every dollar received goes to families in need. Please consider donating and tell your family and friends about our cause.

From sorrows and the darkest of the dark comes a light...

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