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What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is the simplest and most affordable funeral option. The cremation takes place in the days immediately following the passing without a viewing or funeral service beforehand. This allows for a more affordable option for families.

Our Cremation starts at $695*.  

Advantages of Direct Cremation:

Direct cremation is significantly less costly compared to traditional funeral services and cremation. At Eternal Peace Funeral Services, we guaranteed the lowest direct cremation cost because we own our own crematory and we do not out source our staff or services to 3rd parties.

Arrangements can be made by phone or online, no funeral home visit required.

This process for end-to-end cremation typically takes two weeks; however, death certificates may take longer, depending on local health departments.

We offer cremation services for loved ones of all sizes, including oversize individuals weighing up to 1000 pounds. Our commitment to accommodating diverse needs ensures that we can provide a dignified farewell for every individual, regardless of their size.

If you are interested in cremation services, please see below to access the 'Authorization to Cremate' form.

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